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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Time for another rare update from me!

I've been seeing a therapist and working my ass off since the last time I looked DeviantArt's way. Things are on the up once more, but I guess by posting this I'll jinx myself, it always seems to happen that way.

I have a big backlog of art that I need to dump, since I've been slowly working on my fear of drawing. Since we've just had our Fibre connection installed, now it'll be a lot less of a slog, turning what might have taken an entire day into maybe 30 minutes.

I'll tell you what, Standard Broadband sucks. We had a helpdesk engineer laugh at us when we told him our speeds. Fibre is love. I've been streaming 1080p video while downloading videos and looking at cat pictures and no-one in the house has complained about slowdown. You can't appreciate good internet until you lose it.
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Last piece from my massive backlog that I finished just this morning. DnD group shot part two! I wanted them relaxed in a less serious tone, the campaign so far has been a lot of doom and gloom and not enough has been done to focus on the parts where we aren't all dying horribly.

One of the characters died in a session whilst this was still in progress. I didn't want to just erase him. The guy's new character has to earn his place, damnit. *sob*
Plasma Cannon
More Ascendancy! This is a character that I drew for the first time with this picture. He has a prosthetic arm that has a cannon built into it. It does not get NEARLY ENOUGH time devoted to it in the book.

Pretty lighting effects.
I'm tagging bare male chests as moderate nudity because of equality. Idk.

This one... more DnD things. It's a pretty sad sob story. The short of it is my character is massive dick and has done a lot of shitty things he regrets.

Here's what I wrote when a friend asked for an explanation: "Long story in even briefer words: Ashcroft pretty much abandoned his fiancee and hadn't seen her in three years, massive regrets. The rings on the chain are both engagement rings. He found hers in the dirt where they were supposed to meet before they eloped, but that's a whole other tangent to explain. Never takes 'em off. 

Our bumbling protagonist contracts vampirism. This drawing is from a "dead timeline" where he doesn't find a cure.

He made a pact with the sorcerer in the adventuring party he was running with, who is a changeling - asking her to make sure she killed him quickly before/just after he turned.

The changeling offers him a chance to see one last person before he dies - preferably a loved one. He picks his fiancee.

I was exploring how he might've reacted to the experience and made myself have a sad because bless him he'd bawl his eyes out, and he's scared of dying which probably doesn't help when your lover (or at least a very convincing, almost immaculate copy of them) is the one who's going to kill you."

Already improving on that L'oreal ad hair.
I wanted a group shot of some of the Ascendancy main characters against a less flat background. The colours are a bit too vibrant and as my girlfriend puts it, my hair looks straight out of a shampoo ad... but it's all practise, right?
Back to DnD content! It's been a real font of inspiration for me.

MY character, perhaps (very) undeservedly, found the awesome fantasy-lightsaber sword. He's a bit of a dick, and really not the best person to have it, but he's not about to hand it over to someone more worthy.

I figured it'd be a nice excuse to do some lighting practise. I'm not great at it~


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Honestly that post on Reddit has been a hard hit. I lost my temper and now I'm paying for it.

I appreciate you went through the trouble of following me but don't expect too much from me.
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